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IT Service Request

Submit a request for any particular service to the Information Technology department.

Business Cases, Projects and Changes

-Welcome to the Change Management section of the IT Service Catalog. The purpose of Change Management is to provide a tool for managing and implementing changes to all IT-supported systems in a way that minimizes risk and impact to the college community.

Changes to be reviewed by the MATC Technology Data Governance Council require the submission of Business Case.

Changes are implemented by submitting an IT Project Request, an IT Service Ticket, or an IT Change Request.

Definitions are listed below each change type.

Colleague Self-Service Support

Ellucian Colleague Self-Service is the one stop shop front-end to Colleague SIS. Timesheets, Student Planning, Financial Aid Self-Service, HR Self-Service, etc. are all under this umbrella

Perceptive Content Support (ImageNow/WebNow)

Use this for any issues, changes, or questions related to PerceptiveContent and/or document management and imaging.