Popular Services

Use this form to submit a Helpdesk ticket for IT service that was not listed in the other categories.

Requesting new / update to a software program.

Requesting an IT piece of Hardware or reporting a Hardware failure.

Request a Printer Install or report a printer / copier issue

Cisco, Mobile, or other type of Telecommunication request or reporting a failure.

Requesting a Password reset or an MATC account support

Requesting Technical Services / Networking and IT Security Support.

Request for AV / Instructional Media Support.

You will need assistance in having your PC, Cisco Phone, and Printer moved to a different location.

Use this to request a new user to be added to the Perceptive Content (ImageNow) system

New employees and students must activate their accounts before they will be able to access MATC resources. To activate the account, follow the Activate My MATC Account link on the MATC home page. During the activation process the client will be shown their MATC user ID, will setup their account password and will create their security questions and answers.

Information Technology offers support on software that is purchased by and licensed to MATC.

The following accounts utilize the same username and password and can be changed through the Password Manager application: Gmail, computer login, MyMATC, INFOnline, Blackboard.

The username on your MATC account can be changed only if there has been a spelling error in your name, or in the case of a legal name change.

Questions and issues relating to the student account that was created in order to apply to MATC. (i.e. locked account, password reset, etc.)

Software can be purchased by MATC faculty, staff and students for personal use. This software is NOT to be installed on MATC equipment. The software can only be purchased online at http://wiscsoftware.wisc.edu/wisc/

When changes are needed to an existing workflow in Perceptive Content.

Use this request for Perceptive Content (ImageNow/WebNow) system access for users.

General questions regarding ImageNow.

Milwaukee Area Technical College employees and students are automatically granted basic account access to MATC resources. These accounts must be activated by new clients before they will be available for use.

e.g. Where's my application? What are my next steps? Who's my point of contact?

Questions and issues regarding online student applications and student application user accounts.