How to encrypt Gmail communications and attachments

How to encrypt Gmail communications and attachments:

The College did not renew the Virtru encryption license. If you installed the plugin into Chrome, please delete the plugin.
Google now provides a much more powerful solution (for free) across our entire campus. In fact, this security upgrade is almost transparent and empowers all users to send secure emails and attachments. A new icon “Confidential Mode” is located in the Gmail toolbar.

Below are screenshot sending an email to a non-Gmail address, mimicking how our campus community can securely communicate and transmit documents to various email servers.


Step 1 of 5: Click the Confidential Mode icon:





Option 1: Select an expiration date or passcode:

Step 1a: Pick an expiration date





Step 1b: Select a passcode option via SMS:

This requires the sender to know a mobile number of a recipient. 


Step 1c: The sender must enter the recipient's mobile number. 


If a recipient does not have a mobile number – use the timed expiration (Option 1)






The email window frame now changes color to blue (indicating encryption)

The sender will see a “content expiration” notice and date

Tap Send






















The recipient (regardless of email service) will see the following email in their Inbox:














Step 4: After opening the email, the recipient will see a button "View the email"














The recipient clicks the "Confirm" button














*IMPORTANT* The email and attachment does not leave Google's domain.

If a passcode was sent, the recipient will be asked to enter the SMS passcode from their phone by clicking on Send Passcode.











The recipient enters the passcode from their mobile device


The email is opened from inside Google's domain














Bonus: Search Gmail’s Help window to learn more about addressing encrypted email

Search for ‘confidential emails’


In addition, Google services (Docs, Slides, Sheets and even Meet) are now fully encrypted by default. Furthermore, all documents uploaded to your Google Drive account are automatically scanned for malware and encrypted.




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